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This is SmartPad

Aside from the obvious benefits of using a local supplier, such as reducing carbon emissions through shorter deliveries and driving the region’s economy and employment; OT Group’s industry-leading, easy-to-use online procurement platform, SmartPad, provides access to over 1 million products and gives you complete visibility and control of spend.

User friendly features

Cut process costs, reduce manual orders, wrong purchases and rogue spend.

Intelligent Search

Product Recommendations

Promotions & Discounts

Live Chat

Product Lists & Favourites

Saved Baskets

Subscriptions & Repeat Orders


Order Tracking

Discover the benefits to end users:

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Spend control and business efficiencies

Standardise processes, guided buying and centralised procurement strategy.

Permissions, approvals and budgets

Supply chain

Hybrid and
homeworking solutions


Punch out
and EDI ordering

Discover the benefits to procurement teams:

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Business intelligence

A powerful analytics engine – helping customers to drive procurement efficiencies, cost savings, and maximum value from your supply chain.

Ultimate cost control

with user defined log ins, set budget levels, cost centres and authorisation

At a glance summary statistics

with top line expenditure visibility across your supply chain

Customisable management information

allowing you to delve deeper into the information that really matters to your business.

Real time data

allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and produce timely impact reports.

Elimination of maverick spend

pre-approved product lists and authorisation levels, reduce the ability for end users to create wrong or free text orders.

Identify savings

through smarter procurement and process efficiencies.

Business intelligence and reporting features:

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Online, sustainable solutions

We’ll help you to implement organisation-wide or departmental-focused buying policies that reinforce your organisation’s CSR purchasing goals. Through our digital and online solutions, OT Group can provide upfront product and supplier optimisation to ensure compliance across your organisation – helping you to meet your sustainability goals. Our online platform will enable you to:

Choose to purchase from local and diverse sellers

Filter by products with sustainability and social value accreditations

Environmental product switch suggestions at checkout

Schedule orders to reduce deliveries

Implement user restrictions to encourage purchasing from vendors with strong CSR credentials

Access self-serve reports on key sustainability and social value criteria

What’s more, you can even bring your preferred suppliers onboard with our quick and easy supplier onboarding process.

Discover more about our parent company, Paragon.

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