We’re delighted to be a founding Patron of the BOSS Business Supplies Charity

With the cost of living increasing, many lives are changing for the worse, so the need for help in our industry is also growing. As a result, the BOSS Business Supplies Charity launched an individual and corporate Patron scheme at the end of 2022, giving both businesses and individuals the opportunity to support its work on a regular basis and we are very proud to say that as a company we have enrolled as a 2023 Founding Patron.

The BOSS Charity is in the business of changing lives by offering financial help to those in our industry who need it. This can be in the form of one-off grants to buy essential items – such as mobility vehicles, mattresses or children’s school uniforms – or regular help to pay monthly bills when income has fallen short.

It changes lives through its partnership with the BOSS Federation on Future Fund grants, which assist those in our industry to access training and resources to improve their careers.

In 2023 the charity helped to change the lives of around 40 families by giving over £60,000 in quarterly assistance payments and over £16,000 in one off grants.

For more information about the BOSS Charity, go to www.bosscharity.org.



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