A series of webinars that are all about YOU

‘Improving your financial wellbeing: From start to start’

Louise Woollard, of Louise Woollard Financial

Louise delivered a session to help you improve your financial wellbeing. Covering topics such as budgeting, saving/spending, investing, the property ladder, retirement, and protecting your family — this interactive session with accompanying workbook will help you feel financially secure. Suitable for all life stages.


‘How to practice daily GREATNESS’

Natasha McCreesh, of PiP to Grow Strong

Natasha is a coach and mentor for organisational leaders and their teams, helping to work on mindsets, behaviours, and feeling good at work. Natasha delivered her highly- rated ‘How to practice daily GREATNESS’ workshop.


Navigating Change

Anj Handa FRSA, of Inspiring Women Changemakers

Anj Handa, of Inspiring Women Changemakers, explored the Change Curve, a model to help make sense of your experiences of change or loss. With knowledge of the Change Curve, you can plan how to minimise the negative impact of such an event and learn to adapt more quickly to it, by considering the best option for your own circumstances.



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