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In recent years, no area has undergone such rapid transformation than the workplace – not least in relation to when, where, and how people work. But as organisations gear up for the next step of change, are they equipped with the right products, skills, and know-how to make this work both efficiently and cost-effectively?

The great return: the key to successful workplace transformation

There is so much narrative in the media about the permanency of remote and hybrid workplaces, but our own bespoke piece of research has found that this isn’t representative of all companies.

In fact, 44% are planning a full or phased return to the office, of which 65% are already back and a further 30% planning to be fully back within the next six months

As such, it’s important to bang the drum for a return to work too, and share guidance for those who are returning to life at HQ – whether wholly or just some of the time.

In OT Group’s latest guide, ‘The great return: the key to successful workplace transformation’, we share must-know insight from industry leaders across the worlds of HR, finance, procurement, manufacturing, IT, and tech, as well as commentary from OT Group’s own experts, to explore how to facilitate a successful return to work strategy for the benefit of people and profits alike.

Keen to get ahead of the curve?

Here’s what else we discovered:

What are your company's plans for returning to the office?

When do you envisage your full workforce to be back in the office?

Are you planning to reconfigure any of your workspaces to adapt to new working styles?

We delve deeper into:

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