See the free resources below and learn more about what it is, the different types of Tail Spend, and the benefits of implementing an efficient solution.’

Understanding Tail Spend

Tail Spend is the unmanaged or ‘lightly managed’ spend of an organisation, which typically makes up around 20% of total spend. Purchases in this category tend to be high frequency, but low value. Find out more below.

Types of Tail Spend

Tail Spend can be split into multiple categories of spending, including Fragmented – where multiple people across an organisation are making similar purchases in different orders, often with different suppliers, Maverick – which means people are spending outside of official procurement guidelines, Unaddressed – when the procurement or framework process has failed to cover certain purchases, and many more covered in our infographic.

The Benefits of Tail Spend Management

Effective management of Tail Spend can mean saving up to 10% on costs, reducing suppliers (and invoices) by 63% and a 35% reduction in costs per transaction. Additional benefits include the management of social value throughout the procurement process. Learn about the full benefits by downloading the full explainer below.

Top Procurement Challenges

By using OT Group’s solution for Tail Spend, your organisation can tackle multiple procurement challenges such as poor data visibility, fragmented systems and any lack of control, interest and expertise in certain categories. See a full breakdown of the challenges below.

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