Benefits of
tail spend management

Tail Spend management can save costs, improve efficiencies and benefit social value. To prove this, the Crown Commercial Service has researched the topic and provided statistics and case study examples. Detailed in report format, this research provides benchmark targets for what is achievable when utilising a trusted Tail Spend supplier.

Supplier Efficiencies

0 %
cost savings on average
0 %
average reduction in spending
0 %
reduction in number of tail suppliers

Process Efficiencies

0 %
reduction in purchase cycle time
0 %
reduction in trasaction costs per transaction
0 %
additional savings through rebates


It can also ensure that social value is factoring into the procurement process.

Based on industry benchmarks and case studies, an organisation could expect:

0 %
of in-scope tail spend going to SMEs
0 %
of spend going to local suppliers
0 pp
average increase in purchases of green products
0 pp
average increase in spend with diverse suppliers

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