CASE STUDY: OT Group secures a prestigious two-year contract with Pret A Manger


In a competitive business services industry, and as a leading provider of business services and workplace solutions, OT Group continue to demonstrate their expertise of working with the retail sector by securing a prestigious two-year contract with Pret A Manger, a renowned name in the quick-service restaurant sector.

This case study outlines the journey that led to this partnership, emphasising OT Group’s capabilities, the pivotal role of its leading procurement platform, SmartPad, and the complete solution they can provide Pret A Manger.



Pret A Manger, a globally recognised brand was looking for a reliable partner to help streamline their office supplies and toner procurement processes, as well as potentially other GNFR products and services. Historically, they managed this through their own portal. However, when presented with OT Group’s SmartPad, they recognised the system could give them control and visibility of their business spend whilst consolidating their supply chain.



OT Group Ltd, a leading provider of business services and workplace solutions, emerged as the perfect fit for Pret A Manger as a strategic and consolidated business supplies and services partner.

As a trusted supply chain partner for reputable and recognised retail brands, several key factors played a pivotal role in securing this contract, including:

• Industry leading online procurement engine, SmartPad – This platform was a strategic solution designed to complement Pret’s procurement strategy. SmartPad is more than just an online ordering platform, it’s a powerful analytics engine, giving complete control and visibility of expenditure.

• Account Management Structure – OT Group showcased their commitment to providing a personalised solution through its robust account management structure. Their expert team was dedicated to understanding Pret A Manger’s unique requirements and a tailored solution they could provide. This hands-on approach ensured a seamless transition to this partnership.

• Retail Sector Expertise – OT Group’s extensive experience working with leading brands within the retail sector added weight to their proposal. They understood the intricacies and demands of a fast-paced, high-volume environment, which instilled confidence in Pret A Manger’s leadership.

• Privately owned company – OT Group is owned by Grenadier Holdings (formerly Paragon Group), a privately held investment company, operating in over 30 countries with a global sales reach, €1.5 billion turnover and more than 10,000 employees. Being part of this investment portfolio enables customers to benefit from a wider range of additional business critical services from specialist providers through the single source of OT Group.



The turning point in the negotiations for Pret A Manger was the capabilities of SmartPad. The demonstration to the Procurement and Operations team impressed, showcasing how this platform could complement and enhance their procurement operations. Pret was particularly thrilled by the enhanced control, visibility, and efficiency SmartPad offered.



Following the contract award, OT Group seamlessly transitioned Pret A Manger from their existing system to SmartPad. The benefits were immediately evident. Tracking deliveries became effortless, customised order lists streamlined the ordering process, and detailed spend reports empowered Pret A Manger with invaluable insights.

Currently, SmartPad is operational across all 473 Pret A Manger stores, with plans to further extend to franchise locations. The partnership has not only met but exceeded expectations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their business.



Collaboration between OT Group Ltd and Pret A Manger is set to evolve further. The success of this partnership has led to discussions about additional areas where consolidation across their facilities and GNFR solutions can provide further opportunities for efficiency and growth.



The 2-year contract between OT Group Ltd and Pret A Manger is a testament to the former’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer-centric solutions. Through their SmartPad procurement platform, exceptional account management, and sectorspecific expertise, OT Group has not only secured a valuable client, but also created a partnership poised for continued success.



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