CASE STUDY: Maximising office spaces with OT Group and PGS


As an extension of a multi-year partnership with Geophysics company, PGS, OT Group recently helped the company totally readapt its UK Hub based in Weybridge, Surrey. To fully utilise the space for employees, a full office re-design and refit was undertaken.

PGS is an advanced geophysical data provider that enables governments and businesses around the world to deliver long-term energy security and supports the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

The challenge

Like many other organisations, PGS was left with unutilised office space as a result of fewer employees returning to full-time office-based roles following changes to ways of working in 2020. It meant that the company had 75,000 square feet of office space over three floors in its London location, with only 130 office-based staff using the space, putting it significantly under capacity.

After careful decision-making process, the Company needed to reduce its office space from three floors to one, utilising 30,000 square feet. A key challenge was to encourage staff to return to the office space for at least three days a week, encouraging collaboration and maximising the benefits of the refit project. To facilitate the CatA and CatB fit-out works required, PGS leased temporary office space in an adjacent office building to minimise the impact from the move, which remained a key challenge too.

The OT Group Solution

As PGS historically worked with OT Group on mini projects and refits, the base level of trust and reliability was well established. The project was awarded to OT Group after a competitive bid process based on excellent design plans, a full understanding of the client’s requirements, true consideration for the project team’s input and collaboration with a keen focus on sustainable practices.

Sustainability is very important to PGS’s conscious efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, which is ultimately solidified by partnering with companies doing the same. As a Planet Mark certified business with silver Ecovadis status, putting OT Group in the top 25% of sustainable businesses assessed, the group were a clear front runner in the sustainable practices category.

OT Group became the sole provider for the full office redesign and refit, which included the design, build and furnishing of open plan office spaces, meeting and focus rooms, presentation centres, reception, canteen and tea points, and dining and breakout spaces. The fit-out also included a Gymnasium together with toilet and shower facilities, solar film to glazing and wall graphics.

Throughout the project, Ot Group remained a trustworthy and helpful lead partner, even aiding:

• Advisory and consultancy measures, including the move to temporary office spaces, finding ways to minimise impact on the day to day running of the business
• Ongoing redesigns as part of a long-running collaborative approach
• Communication of the benefits of the new ways of working and open-plan working spaces to the wider business, with positive feedback from employees

A word from PGS

Emma Taylor, Vice President, Geoscience & Office Manager at PGS commented: “OT Group made everything very easy for us. It couldn’t have gone smoother and it was a very positive experience that I’d be happy to do again. I know exactly who I’d partner with if I had to do it again!

“The new office is such a great place to be and staff have commented that they like to spend time in the office now and that’s absolutely down to the work that OT Group did – it’s light, bright and the space is fully utilised by everyone. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”


This latest project is a testament to OT Group’s commitment to customers, going above and beyond the role of redesign and refit partner ensuring a smooth transition for PGS and providing a unique and bespoke solution. Through this work, OT Group has not only aided the success of a crucial move and upgrade for the business, but also helped ease the return to office-based work for 130 of the customer’s employees.



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