CASE STUDY: Burnley College


Burnley College, renowned for its strong partnership with Burnley FC, faced a significantchallenge when their ordered merchandise, including co-branded scarves, failed toarrive in time for a crucial home game at Turf Moor. OT Group stepped in and via theirTail Spend Solution, provided a range of personalised merchandise and efficient printingservices to meet Burnley College’s urgent requirements and deliver maximum visualimpact for the college.


Burnley College, eager to seize opportunities to promote their college and engage witha large audience, had planned to distribute co-branded scarves at a Burnley FC homegame. However, their approved supplier, manufacturing the scarves in Turkey, notified thecollege just a couple of weeks before the match that the merchandise would not arrive intime. Additionally, the college aimed to acquire a large co-branded flag for display onthe pitch during the team line-up.


Burnley College has used the CCS Tail Spend Solution Framework to work with OT Groupon a number of different merchandising and print projects. Leveraging their expertise insupply chain management and extensive experience working with the public sector, OTGroup provide a dedicated resource to manage Burnley College’s printing needs.By becoming an extension of the college’s team, OT Group provide valuable guidanceand knowledge, alleviating the challenges associated with printing within tight deadlines.


Recognising Burnley College’s predicament, OT Group was able to address the college’s requirements through their Tail Spend Solution.OT Group successfully sourced and provided personalized merchandise for Burnley College’s critical match. They supplied a 10×10-metre co-branded flag,prominently displayed at the halfway line, along with 500 printed scarves to support the collaboration between Burnley College and Burnley FC. By utilizingOT Group’s Tail Spend Solution, Burnley College was able to achieve their short-run, highly customized printing requirements.


Timely Delivery: Despite the unforeseen delay from the originalsupplier, OT Group’s swift action ensured that new merchandise wasprinted and arrived on time, allowing Burnley College to make asignificant impact at the game.Cost-Effectiveness: Burnley College had previously faced challengeswith the reliability and cost of their suppliers for urgent printing needs.By partnering with OT Group, they were able to access a trustedsupplier through the CCS Tail Spend Solution framework, driving downcosts and achieving compliance.Expertise and Support: OT Group’s dedicated resource providedvaluable expertise and knowledge, enabling Burnley College tonavigate the complexities of printing requirements within tight deadlines.This freed up the college’s internal resources to focus on their coreobjectives.


OT Group’s Tail Spend Solution successfully addressed Burnley College’surgent printing needs, delivering personalised merchandise on time and withinbudget.By leveraging their expertise, extensive product range, and industry-leadingonline marketplace, OT Group provided Burnley College with a reliablesolution to overcome challenges in the supply chain. This partnership allowedBurnley College to leave a lasting impression on their audience whilesolidifying their association with Burnley FC.As a trusted partner, OT Group continues to empower organisations in thepublic sector, helping them optimise their procurement processes and achievetangible results.

“We are incredibly grateful to OT Group for their swift and efficient Tail Spend Solution. Whenour ordered merchandise faced unexpected delays, OT Group stepped in. Their expertise anddedication ensured that we were able to make a big impact at the game and showcase ourpartnership with Burnley FC. OT Group’s support and cost-effective solutions have been invaluable,allowing us to focus on our key objectives while meeting tight deadlines. We highly recommendtheir services to other organisations seeking reliable procurement solutions.”

Sally Dahmke
Marketing Manager, Burnley College



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